About The Seattle Splint.A Smarter Splint.

It’s a classic “there MUST be a better way” kind of story.

A vision realized: a need for lower extremity splinting that would fit patients better and allow for easy access to the injured area for therapy and wound care. Taking the challenge, our founder, an occupational therapist, dove in to manufacturing to make it happen.

Initially called “PFS” (Posterior Foot Splint), its name transitioned to “TAFO” (Tibial Ankle Foot Orthosis) in 2013 before acknowledging that “Seattle Splint” has been there since the beginning.

The name “Seattle Splint,” first coined by Harborview physicians, continued to proliferate. As surgeons moved to other locales to practice, their preference for product and the name went with them. As it turns out, “Seattle Splint” is more memorable than either “PFS” or “TAFO”.

Now, after 30 years, PFS Med is officially “launching” the Seattle Splint. In Seattle. At the Orthopaedic Trauma Association Annual Meeting.

About PFS Med, Inc

The Seattle Splint is manufactured and distributed by PFS Med, Inc, headquartered in Springfield, Oregon.
Still independent. Still responsive. Still reliable.